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Choosing The Right Fence For Your Yard

Central Arkansas Fencing Company

These days, options are pretty endless when it comes to fence choices. But, there’s one thing we know for sure here at FenceMasters of Arkansas and that’s every home has its own set of fencing needs and they’re definitely not one size fits all. Obviously, there are some POA situations where homeowners are required to have certain types of fences around their home, but when you do get the luxury to choose, there are plenty of options to pick from and a lot to consider before installation can begin.

Here are a few of the things we always recommend to our customers when it comes time to picking out the style and size of their new fence.

  • Are you looking to set property boundaries between you and your neighbor’s property line?

  • Do you have any pets that are needing to be secured within the fence? How big are the pets? Are they diggers or jumpers? (We all know a few of those!)

  • Do you have a pool or have plans for one in the future?

  • What type of privacy are you looking for? Does the fence need to be a certain height to achieve your privacy goals?

  • Does your POA or HOA require a certain material?

  • Is your home waterfront?

While there are always plenty of things to consider when it comes to your home’s unique fencing needs, these questions tend to come up the most for our customers.

For professional fencing advice from our team at FenceMasters of Arkansas or questions on installation, give us a call at 501-847-3700!

Remember, big or small...WE FENCE THEM ALL!

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