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What Is A Gate Operator?

Fence Masters of Arkansas

Here at FenceMasters, we offer a variety of fencing options for our customers. One of the most popular items that we offer is “Gate Operators”. Not sure what exactly that is? You’ve come to the right place! In today’s post, we’ll be explaining what they are, how they work, and why you might consider owning one for your home or business. First things first, let’s discuss Gate Operators are.

Gate Operators, also known as Gate Openers, come in a variety of different styles and sizes. Your gate size, its weight, the location, desired style or look and quality of the operator are all factors that determine which type of Gate Operator you’ll need for your installation. There are many different gate openers to choose from, such as top swing arm, a bottom swing arm, linear or ram arm, underground or in-ground, and slide gate operators, just to name a few.

What do Gate Operators do?

There are mainly three types of gates that operators or openers are designed to move when it comes to automated fencing needs: Barrier Arm Gates, Swing Gates, and Slide Gates. Each of these options serves different needs and are not one size fits all. But, they all function based on a motorized function to automatically operate the opening and closing of your gate.

How Do I Choose The Operator That I Need?

Give us a call at FenceMasters and let our team discuss the current needs of your fence so we can help you determine which operator is best for you. It’s not near as complicated as you think and that’s exactly why we’re here for you. We cover all of Central Arkansas and are happy to help you with all of your fencing needs. Call us today at 501-847-3700.

*Our owner, Shane is certified with AFA (American Fence Association). He is Licensed, Insured, and bonded.

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