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What To Know BEFORE Buying A Fence

Central Arkansas Fence Company

Are you looking at purchasing a new fence for your home or business? From keeping your children safe around the perimeter of your backyard pool to keeping businesses and parking lots safely secured, we know there are plenty of questions you might have before you make your purchase.

To ensure your questions are answered and you feel confident in your fence choice, we want to cover a few important things you need to know before you buy.

  1. Check with your HOA before you decide on the type of fence. Some homeowners associations require certain types of fences to be installed and approval in advance.

  2. Verify your property lines in advance. Do you have a survey on your home? You’ll want to ensure this is known in advance before any digging begins to install your new fence.

  3. Determine the purpose of your fence. Are you looking for safety and security? How about appearance? What is most important to you for your fencing needs.

  4. Check with your neighbors. Are you sharing a fence with a neighbor? Is there anything that needs to be known in advance such as pets on the property, any wiring, or any easements that need to be made known beforehand?

  5. How tall does your fence need to be? Are you looking for a certain height of a fence for security reasons? How about around a pool?

When it comes to the installation of a fence for your home or business, go with a business you can trust and rely on.

Here at FenceMasters of Arkansas, our team of contractors knows what types of fences work best, so give us a call to learn more about our top options today!

Call us for your FREE quote at 501-847-3700!

When you schedule an installation or consultation with us, we know you’ll be satisfied with the level of service you receive. Whether you’re in need of a residential or commercial fence, we will exceed your expectations. We are a family-owned company and proud to serve our community.

FenceMasters of Arkansas

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