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What Type Of Fence Is Best For A Backyard Pool?

Summer has made its way to the south which means you can find most of us lounging around our backyard pools as much as possible to cool off from the hundred-degree heat.

Backyard swimming pools and fences go hand in hand as maintaining safety is of utmost concern. Pool fencing doesn’t have to be boring but it does need to be safe.

Here at FenceMasters of Arkansas, we offer the best of the best options when it comes to aesthetic as well as safety for your backyard oasis this summer.

Here are a few fencing options to consider for your pool.

  1. Wooden Fence. This fence style is typically our most popular option for pools in the backyard as they’re durable, safe and also offer a polished and clean look. The staining options are endless too which is always great if you’re looking for a uniformed look to go with the exterior of your home.

  2. Vinyl Fence. Another viable option is our vinyl fencing. The reason they make for a great choice is because of their durability and long lasting life. Their maintenance is slim to none and they offer the most privacy, which are both huge bonuses when it comes to the outdoor area of your home.

  3. Chain Link Fence. Galvanized steel fencing is not only durable but also safe for both kids and furry friends alike. Its low cost is often its biggest attraction.

  4. Iron Fence. Do you live around a golf course? You may be looking at an iron or ornamental fence option for your backyard oasis. Not only are they beautiful to the eye they’re long-lasting and come in a variety of styles to choose from.

Each of these options are great for homeowners to consider when it comes to keeping your kiddos safe while keeping your backyard oasis private for years to come.

For professional fencing advice from our team at FenceMasters of Arkansas or questions on installation, give us a call at 501-847-3700!

Remember, big or small...WE FENCE THEM ALL!

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