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Who Is Responsible For Locating Public Utility Lines?

Central Arkansas Fencing Company at FenceMasters of Arkansas

You've most likely heard of the crucial importance of calling the city utility company (3-1-1 locally) before you start to dig in and around your yard. There are vital utility lines leading to your home that can be severely damaged if you're not careful and we take this very seriously in our industry.

We often get the question from our customers before we start work on their fence installation at their home, "Do I need to call the city or do you?" Well, we couldn't be happier you've asked!

Here at FenceMasters of Arkansas, we make sure to have this crucial task done for our customers ahead of time so that you don't have to worry about it. We'll be sure to have this done well in advance once you've confirmed and hired us as your fencing contractor so that we can be extra cautious as we dig the posts for your fence. We'll make sure to avoid any and all damage caused to your utilities or the neighbors.

Once the markers are complete, we can get to work safely on your fencing job.

For professional fencing advice from our team at FenceMasters of Arkansas or questions on your upcoming installation, please give us a call at 501-847-3700!

Remember, big or small...WE FENCE THEM ALL! Oh, and we're never afraid of a little challenge! Call today!

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